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Property Owners

As a Property Owner myself, I find that one of the hardest things for me to do is look at my investment objectively. Please keep in mind as a Commercial Real Estate Broker I am one of an elite few brokers who deals exclusively wieht commercial real estate. If you are considering your local broker, find out whether they have an expertise in commercial.


When I assess my investment properties I am looking at a number of items:


       1) Current Condition of property.

       2) Current Rents to Market

       3) Current and historic occupancy level.

       4) Current and historic expenses

       5) Deferred Maintenance

       7) Potential opportunites for rehabbing or upgrading properties to attract higher rents or lower expenses

       8) Current market and how the property fits into the current market of buyers

       9) Current market and how the property fits into the current tenant marketplace

     10) Current property management and maintenance staff and how efficient and effective they are

     11) What is the current P&L and historic P&L

     12) What a buyer's ability to get financing on the property


All of these items play into the market value of the property. It's easy to dismiss one item and stress the strengths.I can help. Let me assist you with a full market survey of your property.


I can assess your investment goals and see how your current holdings fit your objectives. I will give you an objective, honest and realistic assessment of your property.


I am not like most of the others whose only answer is "list with me". Depending on all factors, we may decide to wait and hold, to refinance, to sell, to rehab, or to even change the highest and best use. I deal with all types of investors, and all types of properties. I have a strong consultative approach, please compare me to my competition, and their zeal for "let's list it today!"


After over 25 years of real estate investing, I am not a fly by night or carpet bagger who just opened a commercial shop. If you don't pick me, pick an expert please, because it's likely that I will be bringing my investor to your property and I know how painful it is to deal with real estate professionals who don't know what they need to know in the commercial marketplace.


I can help you get the most out of your investment, just ask.

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