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John Shine

John Shine is the founder of Shine Commercial Real Estate. Mr Shine is an avid long term investor in many real estate properties, he acts as primary investor or partner in Shineco Holdings, International Commercial Properties, and Perseus Holdings all real estate Investment firms. He also has experience with the mortgage industry as the founding principle of Inspired Financing.


John was instrumental in redefining the way developers sell inventory through his 2 marketing ventures, The Condo Studio and The New Home Center, in which John’s organizations help to market and sell over ¼ of a Billion dollars in inventory.

Nikolay Shulgin, a local real estate investor has called him an “insightful hands-on partner who brings with him real world expertise,” and Steve Moore, a real estate attorney referred to him as “the genuine article he just doesn’t spout out a bunch of marketing gibberish like the other guys, his expertise is real life and day to day as he owns and operates his own properties.”


John moved and invested in Florida in 2001 from Chicago where he worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers as the financial industry director and Verizon as a regional sales vice president. John grew up in Connecticut where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Management Information System from Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business, an MBA in MIS from St. Peters’ College and a MCPM from George Washington University.


Today, you can find John enjoying the Florida dream with his wife and 2 kids on the water in Dunedin, Florida.

Shine Commercial 
Shine Commercial Real Estate is the leader in multi-family and commercial real  estate in the Tampa Bay area. We service the cities of: Tampa, St. Petersburg,  Clearwater, and Sarasota. We focus on commercial real estate, and specialize in Retail and   Multi-Family investment properties.

John  Shine, the Broker of Shine Commercial Real Estate is not only a broker, but owns  and manages his own properties. Unlikely many brokers and agents,  he is an  experienced retail and multi-family investor who understands the strategic focus of his  investors along the daily challenges that they will face. He knows this because  he lives it -- every day, he is just not another empty marketing suit looking to  sell you something that you can't manage or maintain he knows what needs to be
done to buy properties that can provide the apporpriate value to his  investors.

Before working with any Commercial  Real Estate Broker, ask these questions?

1) Do  you currently own commercial real estate, or multi-family real estate? Have you
ever? When and how much?

2) Do you manage commercial real estate  or multi-family real estate? Have you ever? When and how  much?

3) What interest do you have in my success or the sucess  of this investment?

4) Have you ever been foreclosed on by a  bank? Have you ever had a client get foreclosed on? Why?

5) Do  you work for Buyers, Sellers or both? and who do you represent in this transaction?
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