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Whether it's your first property investment or your millionth, we can help you find, assess, negotiate, purchase, finance, rehab, reposition, lease, and manage your property. We work with a proven team of professionals who can help you
invest in the right property for you.

As an  investor, you know (or will soon realize) that it will take a team of individuals to help you with your investment. We have the proven team to make this happen. Please check out our list of Vendors. We have been working with most of them for over a decade and we know that if it's a simple hot water heater or the negotiation of a sophisticated CMBS Note Purchase we have the professionals to get the job done.

We work with you throughout the life of  your investment, "the other guys..." well they kind of have the attitude of  "call me when you are ready to sell" that's ok, they wouldn't be much help anyway. We know that it takes; a great deal more time, effort, knowledge and experience to make certain a property succeeds.

Many of  investors call us daily and ask us: "Why is the seller, selling?" That's an ok question, but what you really need to ask yourself is, "Why are you buying?" Too often investors come to us with little experience, unreasonable expectations, unprepared, but ready to buy... We can help you put together your goals, strategy, and a plan to find the right properties for  you.

When dealing with a listing agent, ask  them: " How long have you dealt with the current seller?", If it's a bank  foreclosure ask: "Did you know the former owner? Did you sell this property to them? Why did they fail? Did you do anything to help them when they did? (other than calling their lender and offering to sell it out from under them)"  When dealing with a buyer's agent ask them: "What properties do you own?", "What properties do you manage?",  and "If this is such a great deal, Why aren't you buying it?"

Let us help you find the right investment for  you. Here are some questions that you will want to ask yourself:

1) How much of YOUR time can you give  this investment?

2) How much money can you invest, and how much  money will you need to get or keep the property running?

3) Do I  have a banker who is willing to finance my investment? What documentation do I need to supply? What terms?

4) What is my experience level at:  Leasing, Managing, Rehabbing, Repositioning and what am I capable of doing.  Watching HGTV is not a qualification.

5) What return do I  expect, versus the time that I am willing to put into the property. Getting a nice return is always, nice but what do you have to do to earn it? If it was easy, everyone would do it?

And Many, many  more...

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